Sunday, June 3, 2007

Our firts post

The idea of creating this blog site came from one of the members. We already have a yahoo group email account whereby we use to share something interesting amongst us. But that is not enough for sure and the need for reaching others is vital. The enlightened friend of ours who proposed the creation of a blog site asked me to take the responsibility of creating the site. It was a trilling experience, exploring something which I do not know well. But, thanks to Google it was really simple. This is our first post on this site and I hope millions will follow.

My friends, now you can say whatever you want and the world will hear you loud and clear. Let us keep this site alive. Let us share our opinion with fellow Ethiopians and others who have constructive interest in Ethiopia. This way we can contribute something to the betterment of "Emama Ethiopia".

The members of this blog as a group are not affiliated to any political party; however, individually the members has the liberty of supporting or lining up themselves with whomever they think has constructive contribution to the nation and resemble them in the political arena.

The floor is open for your ideas

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